Lawsuits Filed Against New Sex Offender Registry Law

OMAHA (KPTM)- Convicted sex offenders who are at low risk of re-offending say a new law is branding them as hard core criminals and ruining their chances of starting a new life.

Kyle Judevine was18-years-old when he and an 18-year-old girl got drunk and had sex.

“I’m on the public registry for 25 years.”

Judevine says his neighbors come up to him and ask why he’s on the registry.

“It was a mistake and I got to live with it now, but it’s not fair.”

Now Judevine is trying to reclaim his life. His mistake has affected his family.

“Our family is always held together because we know who Kyle is and what Kyle is about. As a family we stand behind Kyle. It’s worrying about what other people say and we shouldn’t go through life worrying about what other people say,” Monica Judevine said.

Since the law went into effect in 2010, lawsuits have been filed  alleging that the law is unconstitutional.

“I hope they do the right thing. I have pretty good faith. I mean I hope that they notice that this law is putting everyone in the same group. You don’t know who the predators are.”

In Douglas County alone there are 894 registered sex offenders.

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