Mother pleas to help her son!

16 hours ago

Debbra Walker

  • Hello, I wanted to ask for a huge favor. Begging really, I need letters asking for leniency for my son Jerry Welch. I am asking for mercy for my boy NOT condoning his actions nor am I asking anyone else to. I am not asking that he receives no jail time. I am asking for the judge to consider all the mitigating factors when considering my son’s sentencing.
    He is not a bad kid. He is not at all “street smart” or hard. He has never been arrested or had any dealings with the police before this.

    He was only 11 when the abuse started. He told Lee, his dad, he was being molested and his sister Katie also told her dad. Lee not only did not help him but never told me or his councilor about the abuse. Jerry had a complete breakdown at 11. The psychiatrist diagnosed him with early onset schizophrenia. I lived in psychiatrist and councilors offices for the next 3 years. You can read his story in detail on his web site at

    I know what I am asking is very serious. But, I truly believe that Jerry has paid so much already and 12 years is too much.  There are 3 “tiers” of voluntary manslaughter and the DA has offered the highest. I am asking the judge to drop it down one level to the midterm of six years.

    Please consider helping him. My number is 951 834 6702. Thank you

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