Few crimes bring out more fear and loathing than sex offenses. Convicted sex offenders are the most hated members of society. Public perception of those labeled as “sex offenders” continues to prompt lawmakers to pass harsher laws against this perceived evil group of people. But what the general public does not realize is that current laws are NOT protecting society. In fact, research shows that current laws are actually putting the public at risk. Current laws are based on hysteria, emotions and myths. We are here to provide educational information about the truth behind this hysteria and the stranger danger myth gripping this nation with fear and ruining the lives of many people who are not the monsters we have been led to believe.

Families Advocating Intelligent Reform (NJ FAIR) was established by a groups of volunteers in order to educate communities, neighbors, families, and the leadership in our towns, cities, counties, and state about the real issues and unintended consequences of our current sex offender laws.  As a group, we are determined to support RFSOs (Registered Former Sex Offenders), their family and loved ones in order to assist them a quality of life deserving to anyone.  We are here to support then in their quest for civil and human rights.  NJ FAIR believes that once any offender has paid their debt to society, they are entitled to a second chance and should be afforded the rights stated in the Constitution of the US and NJ.

Our main goals, after our support to RFSOs and their loved ones, are to become a successful resource of information for as many legislators, professionals and institutions as possible within New Jersey.  We desire to expand our organization’s membership by involving the public in addition to enlisting RFSOs and those who love and care for them.  By being an all-inclusive organization, we can grow a fund raising task force that will be able to support our very aggressive goals.  NJ FAIR is determined to build relationships with all the various forms of media in order to inform them about the lack of freedoms, civil and human rights of a RFSO and even their family.  We are asking New Jersey leaders to look at current laws regarding Parole Supervision for Life, Public Registries, Civil Commitment and the use of Polygraphs in regard to sex offenders.

It is possible to make society and our children safe without eroding due process and civil liberties, but we all must work together.

The mission of Families Advocating Intelligent Reform is education, based on current research, of sex offender laws and the harsh reality of the consequences of these laws. We support the prevention of sexual abuse and believe education is key to preventing future crimes. We believe that laws which will truly benefit the safety of our children, and society in general, must differentiate between those who are dangerous, repeat offenders and those who are not. Current laws, as structured, are not keeping our children safe. They are, in fact, costing the taxpayer millions of dollars to prosecute, monitor, incarcerate, and severely punish many individuals who are of no danger to children, society, or the communities in which they live.