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I am More than a “sex-offender

I am what my life as a whole and my conscience makes me to be. I am not defined by a time in my life when I made terrible choices.

I am not a label like “sex offender”, “child molester” or “pervert”.  I am an “ex-offender‟.

I am an individual with one crime in my life and have not re-offended.  I have no traffic violations, don‟t get drunk, don‟t drink and drive, don‟t use drugs, etc…

I am not planning to re-offend nor do I want to. I don‟t watch others from behind the bushes or stalk kids from the shadows, and I don‟t buy pornography or view it on the internet.

I am American born and raised-a United States citizen.

I am a survivor of a dysfunctional family consisting of an alcoholic father and domineering mother.

I am a high school graduate despite the negative influences around me.

I am divorced after a dysfunctional marriage.

I am overcoming P.T.S.D. caused by difficult childhood experiences aggravated by abuses in adulthood.

I am an athletic person with a background of football, gymnastics, martial arts, wrestling, and weight training.

I am a Christian who has led dozens of others to Christ, and helped numerous people through charitable actions.

I am a military veteran, an officer, having served faithfully in the military.

I am proud to have honorably served my country and privileged to have trained hundreds of soldiers to serve as well.

I am a college graduate with a BA from a university. I also trained for the ministry and completed courses in two Jr. Colleges. I have completed training in two technical schools.

I am released from prison after serving my time for molesting a child over twenty years ago. I have completed the residential sex offender treatment program and other self-help programs. I am wisely using what I learned in the program in my daily life.

I am a registered  “treated sex offender‟  with a lifetime goal of never again re-offending.

I am happily remarried to a good Christian woman and I‟m a better husband.

I am a good employee and always worked hard to earn a living to pay my bills, my taxes and support my family.

I am also an expert in my career field.

I am continuing my efforts to improve my daily walk as a Christian, a husband, a law abiding citizen, and contributing member of the community.

I am blessed from having the opportunities to do so much good for family, friends, churches, organizations, and past employers.

By choice I am continuing to register as a “sex offender‟ after more than ten years of my release date, and over twenty years since my crime, because law makers decided all sex offenders are a danger to society.

I am hopeful that some day soon the sex offender registration laws will be realized as a waste of tax payer dollars and a crime against American citizens.