Letter: Sex offender laws should be discussed more often

I want to congratulate you on doing such a wonderful job keeping us the public informed. Even here in the St. Lucie County jail we depend on the newspaper every day to keep up on what’s going on outside.

On Dec. 27 I read an article on views of the sex offense laws. It was great the subject was brought up because a lot of people are misinformed about sex offenders and a lot of the laws in Florida are not fair.

This subject should be discussed more in your newspaper so people could know what’s going on and how easy it is to become a sex offender. It’s not always what they think. You can’t understand the issues “sex offenders” face until you walk in their shoes, and that’s what I’m learning.

People are truly misled and jump to conclusions. I know because I was the same way, because I wasn’t informed and from reading one of your Dear Abby articles about sex offenders, I see people still are.

If I can I would love to educate you and others more about this issue. I’m not a sex offender, but I’m facing sex charges because of an accusation and have to sit here in jail for about 18 months for trial just because of hearsay, but that’s another issue.

So if you can, please do more articles about this subject.