Look Who’s a Sex Offender Now!

by Marshall Burns, Ph.D.

Detailed comments for Q&A  # 3: “Should I care about sex offenders? Aren’t they all “perverts” and sexual deviants?”

It’s easy to be complacent about sex offender laws — until one of them comes crashing down out of the blue on top of you or someone in your family. Unfortunately, it’s becoming easier and easier all the time for that to happen — with behaviors that most people consider perfectly healthy and acceptable, like breastfeeding or taking innocent pictures of their own babies in the buff. Here are some heartbreaking examples.

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     • If you allow your teenager to have sex.
     • If you discipline an unruly child.
     • If you kiss your naked baby.
     • If you breastfeed your baby.
     • If you take pictures of your children naked.
     • If you’re a teenager taking naked pictures of yourself or your sweetheart.
     • If you win custody in a nasty divorce.
     • If you get caught taking a pee.
     • If you have consensual sex in prison.
     • If you kiss a student on the cheek.
     • If you take pictures of children in public.
     • If you look at children in public.
     • If you have consensual sex with a teenager.

  • If you ever had sex in a car