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This is the place where I will let you in on what I feel is going on and what NJ FAIR believes is important.

While Residency Restrictions did not pass during this last 2 year legislative session, we hope our legislators have been educated on the fact that there is absolutely no evidence-based research that supports such type of restrictions as a positive impact on keeping our children and communities safe.

There are a few items that Familes Advocating Intelligent Reform would like our legislators to look at and take action on during this next two year session.

  • Parole Supervision for Life for low risk offenders – thus reliving our PO’s from the stress of having to manage double the required case load and not being able to adequately protect our children and our communities; removing low risk offenders from LTP would allow POs more time to monitor SVPs and those requiring such monitoring;
  • Public Registries vs. Law Enforcement Registries which help decrease the homeless rate of FRSOs in addition to assisting to stop the children of sex offenders from being bullied;
  • Residency Restrictions which have evidence based research proving this course of action is detrimental to recidivism of sex offenders and the safety of our communities;
  • SORNA – which would add 14 year old and above to PUBLIC REGISTRIES in addition to tier classification according to conviction rather than RISK and costing our taxpayer millions of dollars with will little ROI;
  • and situations where it can be documented or proven that the underage victim had lied about their age, thus make any action by the actor null and void as a sex offense unless violence was involved.

If you too would like our legislators to take a positive action on these issues as stated above, please let us know.  You can comment below or email us at

As a loved one of a low risk, viral sex offender, I pray to a higher power that the legislators we just elected not only see the benefit of acting in a more positive manner on the above list, but can see how by doing so we will be able to keep our children and communities safer than we have been and that we will also be able to save the taxpayers of this great state money.

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Recently, we were in Trenton to fight A3363.  This was a Residency Restriction Bill sponsored by Pam Lambitt (Camden) and Assemblymen Wayne DeAngelo and Dan Benson (Both from Mercer/Middlesex).  Under this bill Tier II and Tier III sex offender would not be able to live within 500 feet of a school, playground, or day care center.  Additionally, the townships would have to move children’s bus stops so that they were more than 250 feet from a high risk sex offender.  This bill would be a nightmare for the townships and it has not evidence that residency restrictions prevent child sexual abuse or reoffenses.  In fact, the eveidence-based research states just the opposite, that it is harmful, may cause higher unemployment and homelessness.  There are also more discussion about causing the destruction of families.

Jill Levenson Residency Restrictions

ATSA and Residency Restrictions

January  4, 2012

Re:   Legislative Action scheduled for Thursday        

I.  S-837/A-3363 (Sex offender residency  ordnance)        

II.  A-4366 Changes to Marriage/Civil Union License Issuance & Fees

Dear  Mayor:

I.          S-837/A-3363  (Sex offender residency ordnance)

Tomorrow in Trenton, the Assembly Budget Committee is  slated to consider S-837/A-3363.  This initiative would permit a municipality to enact an ordinance establishing  areas in or around elementary or secondary schools, playgrounds, or child care  centers where certain registered sex offenders may be prohibited from  residing.  The amended bill also imposes restrictions on the location of  school bus stops and the siting of child care centers so that they are not  situated near the residence of a moderate or high risk sex offender.

We appreciate the sponsors’ leadership on this issue.  And we share their desire to protect New    Jersey children with enforceable and sustainable  restrictions on sex offender residency. We, likewise, sincerely appreciate  Assemblywoman Lampitt, who took the time to meet with us on this. We must,  however, oppose S-837/A-3363, as currently drafted.

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There were many people that showed up in opposition for this bill, but all were from central or south Jersey.  We hope to see more activity from the north.  The More The Stronger!


For those interested, the Residencey Restriction bill did not pass, and we are very greatful for that.

2012 thoughts will be broken down into months, starting in February 2012.