Michael’s Story

Autism (journal)

Autism (journal) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Anthony Fisher was 20 years old when he met a girl online who represented herself of being the age of consent. Michael believed that people tell the truth, he always did. They made an date to meet at the local mall. They never had sex, but Michael was asked to come to the police station. He was unaware that he had done anything wrong, so he went. Then his mother got a horrifying phone call from Michael telling her he was arrested and was scared. He didn’t understand what was going on. Michael was Autistic .

While incarcerated, Michael was beaten up so bad that his head was bashed in and he suffered more physical damage. Michael accepted a plea because he didn’t understand about the consequences afterwards. Three years later, Michael was released from prison and put on Parole Supervision for Life as a Tier I offender. He had to register annually or if he moved.

At the age of 26, Michael had a 1 year old child and had just moved to a new apartment. He had joined NJ FAIR and was excited to know he finally had some kind of support. But, the day Michael was supposed to register his new address at the police station he fell asleep and missed his appointment. He woke up late at night an realized what had happened. Frighten that he would go back to prison, Michael took his life. Michael was Autistic.

Michael was the third member of our support family that was Autistic.  Usually, when an offender is Autistic, after they have served their time, they are civilly committed.  Those efforts failed in Michael’s case and he was released to reenter society and the fearful hell he learned to live in.  We need to stop this treatment.  If you want to help, email us at Contact@NJFAIR.org


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