Joule Staffing Service

The Joule Staffing Service’s mantra is “We Keep America Working”

So, hopefully if you are persistent, detailed, pleasant, and skilled you should be able to find a job eventually.  Today’s employment market is tight, but by all the reports, it is getting better.  However, you have to keep in mind that you made mistake that causes you to check that box on every application that states you were convicted of a crime.  This makes is more difficult for you, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

Joule, Inc. operates 15 branch offices, primarily in the greater New Jersey area as well as Alabama, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.  They specialize in proving clerical, administrative, industrial, technical and engineering staffing solutions for leading businesses, manufacturers, distributors, and institutions.

Joule Staffing Services, a division of Joule, Inc., specializing in providing light industrial, hospitality, administrative, and professional staffing services.  They also provide on-site solutions for their clients.  Their standards and quality of service are recognized throughout their region.

Their goal is to employ individuals who meet their criteria of excellence and maximize their career goals.  Their staff will work closely with you to find assignments matching your skills, abilities and work preferences.

Joule Staffing Services
Corporate Headquarters
295 Pierson Avenue 
Edison, NJ  08818
Fax: 732.635.0456