The Other Day, I Saw Hope

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The other day I met with an extremely nice person from Human Rights Watch.  We sat in my humble home as she spoke to a couple about their son who is now civily comittment.  As I watched and listened to each of them, I found a calm and saw hope.  Yep, I saw hope.

The attorney from Human Rights Watch walked in my front door and with her she brought hope.  I did not know it at the time.  I just thought I was meeting a very nice lady that I had been emailing with.  We talked for a bit about how loving and caring for a registered former sex offender (RFSO) had impacted my life.

After a bit, a couple from our group came to speak with her.  As they talked, I saw the genuine caring in this nice persom from the Human Rights Watch.  I felt a calm and saw hope.  If people like that are working to help fight our battle and get out the truth, then there really is hope.

My wish is that everyone see that same hope.